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Walk In Freezer Repair Atlanta

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We Specialize in Atlanta Walk-In Freezer Repair

It would be pretty disastrous if product was damaged or tainted by a defective freezer. That’s why it’s critical that your walk-in freezer system is running smoothly, ensuring food and drink is at optimal temperature. Our heavily skilled technicians provide complete freezer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of these commercial refrigeration systems, working with the top brands to stay on top of the game. We’ll keep your walk-in freezer cold, so your customers stay happy.

Our Atlanta Commercial Refrigeration Services is all about keeping your walk-in freezer cold, so that your customers stay happy.

Common Issues With Walk-In Freezer Units

Not Getting Cold Enough – As the weather becomes hot, refrigeration units have to work much harder to stay cool and thus are more likely to break down. The Georgia heatwaves can definitely be extreme at times. If your commercial walk in freezer unit is not cooling well enough or seems to be struggling to keep up, it is a good time to make a call to a commercial refrigeration repair service specialists before the issue gets worse. Often times, maintenance, cleaning, or keeping up with simple repairs can prevent major issues with the units down the line.
Smell Ice / Dirty Ice Over time, bacteria and mold can build up in an ice maker. It may be common for you to see black debris in your ice, or it may just have a strange odor. Other issues that may be causing the ice to smell bad could include water deposits, filters, copper pipes, or a break in the lines that exposes the water to contaminants. Our expert commercial walk in freezer repair technicians can locate and fix the issues so your ice keeps beverages cold without adding extra odor.
Ice Buildup in Freezer – It is common for most commercial freezers to have a periodic defrost cycle that prevents the buildup of unwanted ice. However, a restricted airflow, a faulty thermometer, or a relay control error may turn your walk in cooler into a miniature glacier. If you are having this issue with your unit, give us a call and we can fix it!

Major Brands That We Service

Some of the major commercial freezer repairs that we do in Atlanta are on major brands including:

  • Haier Freezers
  • Frigidaire Freezers
  • Master-Bilt
  • U.S. Cooler
  • Nor-lake
  • American Walk In Coolers
  • Leer
  • Polar King
  • True
  • Traulsen
  • Coldtech Commercial
  • Minus Forty Technologies

We Service Walk In Freezer Repair Near

  • Brookhaven • Alpharetta • Buckhead • Buford • Canton • Cascade Heights • Cherokee/ForsythCounty • Cobb County • Crabapple • Cumming • Decatur • DeKalb County • Downtown • Druid Hills/Emory • Duluth • Dunwoody • East Atlanta • Fort McPherson • Greenbriar • Grove Park • Gwinnett County • Kennesaw • Lawrenceville • Lilburn • Lithonia • Marietta • Midtown • Norcross • Riverside • Roswell • Sandy Springs • Smyrna • Snellville • South Fulton County • Stone Mountain • Tucker • VA Highland/Morningside • West End • Woodstock

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