Who Needs A Walk In Cooler and Why?

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Do you need a Walk In Cooler?

It can be difficult to determine whether a restaurant’s volume, hours of operation, menu and food preparation system would merit the addition of a walk-in cooler. If you have a daily supply of meat, fish, and produce arriving, reach-in coolers may provide the adequate storage you need. However, if you are finding that you staff team are replenishing supplies constantly, you may want to consider a walk in cooler. In fact, you can actually add a reach-in cooler door to the walk-in.

Due to the greater emphasis on fresh produce in our current society, it has increased the overall demand for walk-in coolers and, correspondingly, reduced demand for walk-in freezers.

Why not just add more reach-in coolers instead?

You may be asking yourself, “Why not just add more reach-in refrigerators?” Well, if you are adding more reach-ins, you’re adding more condensing units and a lot more electrical service to a job site. By simply switching to a walk-in cooler, you’re cutting down substantially on utility expenses.

In fact, some operators may actually require you to have more than one walk-in cooler if they’re storing a lot of beer or wine. While 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature for storing several items together, specifically produce, meat, fish and beverages, a specialized beer cooler will hold the beverage at a lower temperature and wine cooler too will provide less chill. Now, if space is a concern for you, it is possible to site the box and condenser elsewhere in the building or even outdoors. You could even cut a door in an exterior wall to access the unit, although that would add more to the cost.

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